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Internships for positions in social media are becoming extremely popular as companies look for ways to bring talent on-board and add social media practices into their marketing mix.

Because internships are less expensive than full-time employees, more companies are opting for internships for social media jobs.

Social media internships are a great way for prospective employees to try out social media marketing as a career while giving employers an opportunity to determine if a social media strategy is the right choice for the company.

Social Media Internship Salaries

Recent data from Simply Hired places salaries for social media internships at about $39,000 per year. That’s about $12,000 less than the average salary in social media and over $8,000 more than the average American makes in a year.

Of course you have to consider salary variations due to location, experience, and other factors. However considering that the average salary is in the neighborhood of $40,000, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Social Media Internship Trends

As far as growth trends in social media internships is concerned, this job title has seen a growth of 283% since 2009. Consider that we’ve been in a recession for a greater part of the past two years, that growth is phenomenal.

Social media is where you want to be if you are looking to expand your marketing career or if you are just getting started with internet marketing.

More and more companies are building Facebook pages, getting on Twitter and interacting with customers in ways never thought possible.

Make sure to check out our job postings for a full listing of social media internship opportunities in your area.


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