Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

Posted by | July 19, 2011 | Career Headquarters 101, Social Media Basics

Creating a significant online presence has never been easier for small business owners who are savvy enough to capitalize on the benefits of social media in their marketing plans.

In the past, a more detailed knowledge of technology was often required to establish an active online presence, but today’s business owners are finding that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are simple to implement and require very little technical skill to maintain.

Despite their ease of use and popularity, the benefits of social media are truly reaped by those who have a distinct strategy built upon creating a passionate and vibrant online communitybased on active engagement.

Customer Engagement

Customers who are social media users utilize social media platforms because they are looking to become immersed in dynamic online communities centered on shared experiences and similar interests.

Businesses can optimize their visibility on a local or global level by showcasing the products and services they offer as points of common interest between social media users.

Unfortunately, many novice business owners in the world of social media do not adequately research the concept of active engagement, and they often mistakenly assume that social media communication is a one way conversation.

The good news is that online engagement is quite easy to initiate. Asking and answering questions that are related to the industry or directly addressing a specific customer’s experience builds trust.

Furthermore, communicating in a timely and relevant manner shows willingness on the part of a business owner to participate in the creation of a community.

Small business also have the opportunity to foster a passion for their products and services within social media communities. A properly managed community page, for example, can create a platform where customers not only engage with the owner, but where they can engage with each other.

This level of engagement exemplifies one of the greatest benefits of social media since it creates a marketing plan in which customers take the initiative to educate each other and promote products.

Understanding the Customer

In the best case scenario, a well managed social media plan can take on a life of its own and leave wise business owners in the enviable position of letting their customers do their advertising work for them.

Ultimately, the success of a social media marketing plan rests upon a business owner’s ability to leverage the desires of their customers to connect online as well as provide a forum for them to communicate their personal experiences of the product offered.

The benefits of a well executed social media plan are certainly not limited to communication, engagement and fostering passion within a customer base, but these benefits certainly lay the groundwork for others that may follow.

What other benefits do you see from social media initiatives, specifically for small businesses?

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