Social Media Careers 101

On this page you will find everything you need to know about a career in social media. We have topics ranging from understanding how social media fits in corporate strategy to salaries and trends for all social media related jobs.

Topics to Get You Started with Social Media Jobs

The following topics will covered soon, so stay tuned…

  • Hierarchy of Social Media
  • Social Media Job Descriptions
  • Freelance Social Media vs. 9 to 5
  • Social Media Uses
  • Social Media & Public Relations
  • Social Media for PR Experts
  • Social Media for Marketing Experts
  • Social Media Trends
  • Top Social Media Job Cities
  • Managing Your Reputation Online
  • Establish Social Media Profiles
  • Promote Content on Social News Sites

As you can see, there is a broad range of basics that you need to become familiar with to understand the social media marketplace. Feel free to browse the topics above.


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